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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> developing stories of the vatican and a surprise, unusual development. the pope is stepping down. we will have more coming up. >> a string of burglaries
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and two san materimattel neighborhoods. we will have more. >> plus we will have the latest on the search for christopher dorner. >> we're talking temperatures nearing 70 thursday into friday. today upper 50s low 60s. it is really the extended forecast that is interesting. sunshine and dry weather to go around for the next several days. more on what to expect coming up in my next report. >> it is still a pretty, right in the bay area. no hot spots or delays. >> big move, just hours ago
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something that hasn't happened in almost 600 years, and a boat is resigning. pope benedictus 16 an ounce in vatican city that he plans to resign at the end of the month. >> i can tell you that he met with the cardinals in rome this morning. he announced them and latin first. we have the translation for you and i can tell you he said in part. after having repeatedly examine my conscience before god, i've come before certain see that my strength due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate exercise and the ministry. he goes on to repeatedly say he needs strength of mind and body to perform the duties of his office. he believes he no longer possesses these. as head of 1.2 billion catholics worldwide. he first became
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the pope and april of 2005, he will resign on february 28th the end of this month. there'll be a conclave a process through which the catholic church of less in new pope. this is something that usually happens after the death of the pulp and office and a mourning period. because there is no death, the conclave will happen swiftly. the person must be under the age of 80 to participate in the conclave. it requires a two- thirds majority to elect a new pope. that will happen sometime in march. >> i can say that this conclave of cardinals, while the pope appointed most of the cardinals and this conclave he will probably have a large say and who becomes the next pope. he will be 86 in april. >> we are watching the
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weather here not as in the bay area but in the east coast. that is coast clean- up efforts are now under way after this weekend's blizzard. you could see folks trying to make the best of it here. this is live video from, from stamford conn. during the wars of the storm was dumping snow at a rate of 454 to 5 in. per hour. president obama declared a state of emergency in conn yesterday. the emergency declaration will provide federal aid to the state and local response efforts. the naked governor as live to the travel ban on state roads as urged residents to stay off them if possible. snow plows were busy along the york islandnew york long isd
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expressway clearing the way for the morning's commute. under the express was closed in both directions yesterday until 5:00 as crews continued to dig. under the cars as that on the expressway during the height of the blizzard on friday. your governor andrew, said neighboring states were hit worst by the blizzard. he is applying utility workers and snow plows out new england belts back of the storm. >> people flying in and out of as of all will be glad to hear that things are getting back to normal after the massive snowstorm cause cancellations and delays. the storm had little impact on operations as a fall yesterday, only a couple of flights canceled because of the storm's impact. so far this morning and no delays at as a vote are being reported. >> authorities are offering $1 million reward for of
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lookee information leading to the arrest of christopher dorner, the former los angeles police officer suspected in three killings and what is the subject of a man on in southern california. swat teams are now looking through the snow-covered mountains in big bear were the 33 year- old fugitives tried to the truck was found thursday. dorner has vowed revenge against several former lapd colleagues who blames who he blames for ending his career. meantime a funeral is scheduled for wednesday for the riverside police guard officer who dorner is accused of fatally shooting last week. also in is surveillance footage. it is from an auto parts store in san diego county. it appears as though christopher dorner tossing a magazine full of bullets and a military build into a dumpster. this is from monday the day after dorner allegedly shot and killed two people about 90 mi. north and irvine. >> the sam zell belize are
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sending undercover cops into neighborhoods hit by recent string of what investigators are calling and door knocked burglaries'. the suspect walked up to a home and not on the door a few times. is someone answers, police say the suspects move on to another house. police said the suspects are targeting unoccupied homes. most of these crimes are happening on weekdays during daytime hours. if no one is home this as exit go-arounds of the side, a jump into the backyard and break into the home. they are warning people about what might be happening while you are at work. >> they not on the door and took some equipment from there. they got out quick. >> police are saying you should like your doors and windows when you go out and to be on the lookout in your neighborhood. they tidies burglaries' to a charcoal
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colored acura and a dark colored minivan. >> temperatures in hayward right now 38 degrees. a cold start, 61 and sunday it later on this afternoon. it only gets better as we have through out the week. you can't move the tv there.
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>> new information about a tornado the richter hattiesburg mississippi. three people 63 people have been injured and 300 homes and businesses damaged. this was shot from an apartment complexes after the tornado touched down yesterday. the town of hattiesburg is home to the university of southern mississippi which receives some damage from the tornado. no word yet on the condition of the three people were injured. officials also say the storm has caused significant damage to buildings. three tornadoes touching down in mississippi seven in alabama. over a hundred homes damaged there. >> a carnival cruise ship that is stranded in the gulf of mexico with more than
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3000 passengers on board will be towed to port in mexico this morning. authorities say the cruise was returning to dabbles in taxes from mexico's peninsula yesterday when the engines caught fire. a u.s. coast guard cutter is expected to lead to progress so mexico. carl says it has on board electricity to keep the passengers comfortable. it should reach progress of sometime wednesday. >> three people were killed in a helicopter crash while for filming for a discovery channel show in los angeles county. at an early yesterday at polls out rosette ranch in the city of acton. authorities say all three people died aboard the helicopter. the names of not been released. discovery channel and the show's production company have built release statements expressing their sympathy to the victims' families. selecting storm home improvement store after
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reports of someone who look like christopher dorner was there. mark is tracking that story. one of the baipeople door is accused of killing as a member of the women's basketball team she goes. plus watching bay area weather.
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♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> 6:14 a.m. and here is erica with the weather.
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>> it will be near 70 later on this week into the weekend. that is not just in the and lead in the heart of the bay but along the coast as well. it is pretty windy out there. it is a cool stars of the morning. i've read 30's waking up in san carlos. future cast four highlights of o'clock mid to upper 50s for most of us. we will see more in the wake of 60s by your afternoon highs. 2:00 p.m. you will notice more green on your screen but still in a blow for some. 7:00 into motion in advance to 8:00 p.m. forties' for most of the bay area. low 50s along the coastline. mild weather and we are right around the seasonal average. we'll see sunshine, blue skies. the '60s milpitas. vallejo,
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walnut creek 60. 60 and pleasanton. dry weather continues for the north bay petaluma at 59, 57 ocean beach, 62 oakland. satellite and radar shows clear, dry conditions. not only today but for the next three days. it looks like we will gain one to four degrees each day. temperatures will max out in the upper 60s thursday into friday. we could shave off a couple of degrees as we transition into the weekend. overall, sunshine and gorgeous weather ahead of us. the next possibility for raiment looks like next tuesday and two wednesday. 6:16 a.m. and here is george. >> we are not tracking any delays or hot spots this morning. the meeting lights
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have been activated at the bay bridge but we still do not have much in the wake of a back up. slowing in the cash lange, before the metering lights were turned on. fasttrack, still no delays. 92 ride on the san mateo bridge is a 11 minute commute, problem free. the towing a bridge at 1 01 southbound looks good. they have finished with their recent configuration of lanes and two overnight. we have four lanes on the northbound side. east bay drive times still look good for these bay drive time 60 minutes to berkeley. 1 01 in the south bay, not bad at all. 280 is a life free to cupertino. the north bay ride through marin county is still 25 minutes or less from 37 to the golden gate bridge. there are some delays for the a's train a few minutes
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behind schedule. train no. 3 is still on time. >> the manhunt for christopher dorner let's lapd swat officers to aid northridge lowlowe's home improvement store after people reported seeing someone who resembled the fugitive former police officer there. lapd's warm the store last night. customers were escorted out of the store as police look for a size of dorner. there been several reports of similar to this one in recent days that did not pan out. the surge came several hours after the lapd is in a tactical alert as it handled the dorner manhunt as well as security for the grammys. the csa has led a general aviation warning to plane owners and airports as darner had some flight training in the u.s. navy. it is a skill house killed a
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pilot he is. >> to of the three people dorner is accused of killing are a cal state fullerton women's basketball coach and her fiance. monica quan is the daughter of a former lapd captain an attorney. the basketball team played its first game since the murder of there assistant coach. the titans honor the woman known as coach mo before saturday's game with an emotional moment of silence. christopher dorner is suspected of shooting quan and her fiancee keith lawrence last saturday in the parking structure of their irvine apartment complex. she is the daughter of brando quan who was the
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attorney representing dorner and the failed appeal of his dismissal from the los angeles police department. >> present obama will deliver his state of the union address tomorrow. is it to the focus of losing that creation and economic growth during this time of high unemployment. the present and it may also may use tomorrow's primetime address before a joint session of congress announced the next that's for concluding the war in afghanistan by the end of 2014. the house address marks mr. about this second high-profile speech to the nation and about three weeks after his inaugural address last month that began his second term. the president reviewed the address during a meeting with house democrats on thursday. after delivering the state of the union address, president obama will travel to three states over three days. he is going on the road to promote support for his economic and other policy proposals. he will also seek
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support for his push for reform of you has done in immigration laws. the president will travel to as in bill north carolina area on wednesday atlanta georgia on thursday in chicago on friday. >> 6:21 a.m. and the death toll from a stampede from a popular in india festivacan dohn northern india has risen to 36. tens of thousands of people were in this station when a section of a foot bridge there collapsed leading to the stampede late sunday. is the run hospital spokesperson says at least 30 other pilgrims were injured. everyway spokeswoman says the stampede occurred after
6:24 am
someone fell from platform bridge denying reports said the bridge that collapsed. >> a racketeering and earth observation satellite is set scheduled to blast off from the california coast at 10:00 a.m. today on a mission to keep a continuous eye on the planet's resources. the atlas 5 rocket will launch from vandenberg air force base. it's carrying the land sat satellite the age of its kind launched since 1972. it was at glaciers, forest fires, crop reductions and coastlines. we will be right back. well, well, well.
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>> 6:25 a.m. concord is at 34 degrees right now. later on this afternoon, 60 and sunny and it only gets warmer. >> you were talking about biting cold. the northeast, look at how paralyzing it was. >> that is a street. >> conn as said no driving at all, after 4:00 in the entire state.
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>> you should see how long the cars have been there. they have a lot of snow on top of them. >> it just did a doozy to everyone. boston's commuter rail service is still out right now. they are just trying to get back on their feet. >> texas governor rick perry is visiting california and he hopes to bring back some business. the former republican presidential candidate starts meeting with business leaders today, trying to persuade them to move jobs to texas. he will visit the bay area, los angeles and orange county through wednesday. the trip follows a radio ad in which perry criticized california's business climate. perry has been touted as state's low taxes
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and lax regulations. here are some of the comments posted on the kron4 facebook page about perry's visit. david says just one more well-deserved mail and california's cough and well deserved to. anyone that thinks california's business family are, well not exactly business savvy and not exactly been sharpest tools and the shed. god bless texas. abbey's says silicon valley is the number one place to work and start a business for all the venture capitalist in the world! texas can't compete with the beautiful climate and scenic places that california has! santos says i prefer tax breaks for businesses to move to the san walking valley. wai andeigheigh and on r
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facebook page at kron4.
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>> welcome back and dow futures right now are appointed to the positive after the first losing week for the dow so far this year. it is up 11 points right now and we will follow the latest on wall street with rob black at 6:45 a.m.. this just an three people shot at the courthouse and new castle county. this is a wilmington delaware. authorities say to women and a man were shot, the man is reportedly a security guard at the courthouse. police say the condition of the three remains unknown and the gun man is in custody. >> new this morning, the vatican as confirming that pope benedictus 16th will resign. church officials say the pope's decision " took them by surprise ". he will officially stepped down on february 28th because he says he is to confirm to
6:33 am
continue his kaposi' seee became pope in 2005. he is the first to resigned and nearly 600 years. the resignation sets the stage for conclave to elect a new pope before the end of march, says the traditional mourning time that will follow the death of a pope does not have to be observed. there's several people contenders in the wings, but no obvious front runner. the same situation in benedict was elected pontiff in 2005 after the death of pope john paul the second. >> many people are inside and went to bed last night and the pope was still there later in the wake up this morning and realize the
6:34 am
clock is ticking on them. he only has a couple of weeks left on the job. joining me is sister maggie, you attend mass here. your thoughts? this is not happen in 600 years. you wake up this morning and you hear he is stepping down, where you thinking? >> i was shocked, i have to admit. this was the first time this is happened in over 600 years like you said. i also admire the man because he is being honest with himself and with the world. he has tremendous responsibility and realizes that physically he can no longer do it. someone else can do it in his place. >> do you think the job calls for a younger man out? he is saying this is a new world we live and a technologically advanced age. >> not necessarily aids. if a person is fairly healthy both mentally and physically i don't think it really matters. what with a jet
6:35 am
comes responsibility and wisdom. --age >> thank you so much for taking time out. she has to get to mass. a lot of people are like his sister here, and shock. >> we will fall thcontinue to follow the story on kron4. >> we are kind of " right now, some spies hovering around the freezing mark. after no provide mid to upper 50s. gradual warm-up was some spies aiding '70s. i will have more details in your extended forecast in my next report. >> we're still not tracking anyhow spots on your morning commute but the traffic is starting to back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. we
6:36 am
realize are active and it's about 15 minutes. in the east bay light traffic for the south bay a little slowing on 1 01 in the peninsula and north bay rights are light and easy. >> the search for christopher dorner continues. let me be clear, our dedication to catching this killer remains steadfast. our conference that will bring him to justice is on shaken. this search is not a matter of if, it is a matter of wind. i want christopher dorner to know that. >> a strong message from the mayor of las angeles. the lapd will reopen the debt
6:37 am
investigation into the firing of christopher dorner, a former cop now accused of killing three people in their events plot against the department. dorner is a manifesto calls the killing spree last resort to clear his name. the head of the lapd tell cnn affiliate in los angeles that he wants the public to see that the department is fair and transparent. >> i'm not doing it to appease them i'm doing it so that the faith and have to meacommunity can have faith in what the police department does. we will either validate or refute his claims. >> keep driving back worries the doors at exit as accusations of racism and apartment would resurrect what he described as the ghost of lapd's past. as hard as it has been to change the the bargains culture he says, it is an even harder to gain and keep the public support. meanwhile the search for dorner and the snowball
6:38 am
sandberg the gnomon's continues into a third day. >> we continue to track the pain at the bomb. the average u.s. price of a gallon of gasoline has jumped 25¢ over the past two weeks. san francisco on average $4.30 a gallon, oakland $3.95, san jose $3.98. the state average assets at about $4.50 for a regular tank of gas. >> 6:36 a.m. right now and here is a beautiful picture of san francisco. nice and clear, waiting for sunshine today and warmer temperatures as we have through the work week. we will be right back. ao @÷
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>> police say three of the four people wounded in a shooting on bourbon street have been released from the hospital. it happened during mardi gras celebration. the fourth figure remains in a hospital in stable condition after he was shot. he underwent surgery after the shooting saturday night. witnesses told police that a fight started outside a strip club called babes cabarets saturday night. that's when they heard gunshots. police are currently using surveillance video cellphone footage to try and track down a suspect. >> the family of late football coach joe paterno is accusing penn state of rushing their judgment and the jury sandusky child sex abuse case. the family release a new report on
6:43 am
their web site from former attorney general dick thornburgh. barbara reviewed fbi director louis is louis fries reports on sandusky's sex scandal which was commissioned by penn state. barbour says of the university's report was actually wrong. speculative and fundamentally flawed. he added that it was based on press speculation and unsupported opinion. sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse last june and since since to 36 years in prison in october. >> rest of vessels that added to the number of dead and a blast at a coal mine in northern russia. officials say 18 people died and 10 bodies have been recovered. there are 23 men and a mine at the time. the glass is blamed on a buildup of methane. deadly acts as a coal miner freak in russia because of negligence and lax safety regulations. we're looking for high of
6:44 am
59 and sunshine all around for everyone. we will be right back.
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>> the vatican is confirming that the vaticatold is resignin. he will officially step down on february 28th because he says he is too infirm to continue his pappas see. pope benedictus the first pontiff to resign in nearly 600 years. this morning of 30's are doing using surveillance video and bottles to track down and x cop accused of three murders. it shows fugitive christopher doors truck and a man of who appears to be dorner throwing items into a dumpster. authorities are offering a $1 million reward for information read leading to the rest of dorner.
6:48 am
san mateo police are investigating a recent string of burglaries into neighborhoods that investigators are calling for not burglaries'. the rubber is not a normal on still another hamas someone answers. police say a charcoal color for bare acura and a dark colored men are the cards into the burglaries'. >> food chairman erickson said spelling to a half million dollars worth of google stock. is there something he knows that we don't? >> normal play. he is an older man. he is is lightening up. timing is great and stocks have been added all time high. sometimes it they just want to sell. sometimes when a boat or a car or manson or does want to diversify.
6:49 am
>> the merger between american and u.s. air the you have anything? >> lick came out of the bankruptcy filings with a partnership merger. and you and i. it is a loser for because there is increased one companies merged. the company needed to survive. they are nickel and diming us with baggage of fees. no one likes it. it is an industry where we don't need that many players because there were not be that many men standing. >> at the apple smart watched. his at a big future for apple? >> no! it is small but
6:50 am
computers are the bigger stories. the only good thing for the apple watched would be if you were to walk 0 mi. away from your device and it would tell you where it would be in. it is incremental, not evolutionary. >> its light blue suit for your phone right? you control your phone in your pocket. >> like dick tracy. some things you can do with it, clearly not a replacement for the phone yet. >> thank you for joining us rob black. >> we are starting off a clear but cold out there. it is currently freezing in livermore. 46 san francisco
6:51 am
there is a discrepancy in the numbers, microclimates and full effect. observing and numbers is the afternoon, temperatures are on the seasonal average. low 60s fremont. attorney artisans these days sunshine, as clear skies and six degrees for walnut creek, 61 castro valley. 60 degrees in downtown san francisco, 62 oakland, satellite and radar shows clear, dry conditions. not just today but for the next several days. you'll notice how dry it has been for the month. here's a look at our rainfall averages. by now for 2013 we should be at about 9 in. in sant rosa,
6:52 am
a. we have not accumulated much barely over an inch for santo rose up. we are dry for this time of year. 7 day around the bay forecast shows not a raindrop in sight. temperatures will climb. when will build and cut a little warmer the last week. ladislaus sitting in the upper 60s. pleasant weather as we transition into the weekend and we do not have any chances for wet weather and so maybe next tuesday and wednesday. >> commute volume building around the bay area but no hot spots. they bridge drive times and clive to 60 minutes, average drive time for the three main approaches to the bridge. the san mateo bridge is still holding at a comfortable 11 minute commute time. no big increase in any of the drive times yet. the golden gate
6:53 am
bridge is a smooth ride also 41 01 southbound. east shore freeway 19 minutes from hercules to berkeley. the side of a slowing and 680 south into walnut creek. south bay freeways look pretty good at leading to saratoga and 1785 stars as slow a little. what 01 stars as well approaching the 2 80/680 interchange. no delays between about and central san jose at. >> rebounds as set to appear in court this week to appeal to as fell in the obstruction of justice conviction. kron4 is one of two local news outlets allowed to seek to videotape wednesy's court proceedings. the all-time home run leader is appealing a 2011 conviction were a jury found that bonds gave
6:54 am
an evasive answer to a grand jury questioning about his alleged steroid use. eagle eye to coverage of the hearing on kron4. >> a quick programming note to tell you about in august of 2011, kelly plans is why dead in their bathtub. police role are death and accidental drowning but the wise friends say they think her husband murdered her. kelly admits his marriage was in perfect but insisted did not kill his wife and agrees to take a polygraph test. but mr. results coming out right after the kron4 morning news at 10. [ male announcer ] tender sirloin
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and a succulent lobster tail... for an incredible $16.99. share the love this valentine's, with sizzler's steak & lobster.
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>> the music industry celebrated the 55th annual
6:58 am
grammy awards. justin timberlake return to the grammys stage performing his new single suit and tie. fund also perform their song carry on before taking home the grammys for song for the hit their year for their hit leong as well as best new artist. the black keys or recognize a their best rock performance, rocks along and rock album. frank olson said, and the award, best urban contemporary album. prince represent it presented a grammy for the record of the year to gotye for somebody that i used to know. an album of the year went to mumford and sons. >> nice weather continuing on into the weekend. we will have a full forecast with erica and just a few
6:59 am
minutes. >> a surprise announcement from the pope. he is stepping down. we'll have details on the unusual move. but surveillance pictures out detailed timeline of christopher doors activity last week. we will show you more footage. a court that the flying hundreds of feet off a cliff into the south bay. that's coming up on our 7:00 hour into the south bay. that's conew nehoney bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. herehe we go. honehoy corncoflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feelfe healthy. new how ney bunches of oats gre.

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